AS OF 12-16-2003


Project Description
A+ Educational Research and Development $5,000.00 5/9/2003
Clute, Texas    
Support programs that promote computer literacy education with an emphasis on minorities, women and those who are economically disadvantaged.    
Alaska Community Foundation $5,000.00 10/17/2003
Anchorage, AK    
Support for capacity building, education, and outreach to encourage philanthropic giving in Alaska    
Americans Remembered $2,400.00 2/7/2003
Marietta, Georgia    
Support for Veteran's History Project to collect and preserve oral histories and artifacts of war veterans and homefront workers from WWI through Gulf War.    
Austin Children's Shelter $3,350.00 11/12/2003
Austin, TX    
Board member's discretionary grant to support nutrition and hygiene services for infants and toddlers at emergency shelter for abused, abandoned, and neglected children.    
Austin Film Society $6,700.00 11/12/2003
Austin, TX    
Board member's discretionary grant to support internship program that provides training and mentoring to individuals seeking to supplement professional experience and make contacts in the film industry    
Bastrop County Family Crisis Center $7,500.00 9/1/2003
Bastrop, Texas    
Support for violence prevention, counseling, and social leadership skills to rural youth.    
Breakthrough $20,000.00 11/20/2003
Austin, TX    
Support for academic program that provides a path to college for high-potential, low-income students    
Capital Idea $25,000.00 3/4/2003
Austin, Texas    
Support for the Health Care/Registered Nurse Training Project, providing education and support services to potential LVN's and RN's.    
CASA of Travis County, Inc. $37,500.00 11/29/2003
Austin, TX    
Support for programs providing volunteer advocacy to abused and neglected children.    
Central Texas Sustainability Indicators Project $7,000.00 12/1/2003
Austin, TX-    
Support to produce annual report featuring data and trends on issues of economic development, social equity, and environmental quality in Central Texas.    
Challenge Air For Kids & Friends, Inc. $30,000.00 11/10/2003
Dallas, TX    
Adjunct Board grant to support programs providing educational and motivational experiences to disabled children through flight.    
Conference of Southwest Foundations $3,500.00 3/6/2003
Dallas, Texas    
Support for programs and operations.    
Council on Foundations $10,055.00 4/10/2003
Washington, DC    
Support for programs and operations.    
Dallas CASA $6,700.00 10/3/2003
Dallas, TX    
Board member's discretionary grant to support advocacy and case management services for child victims of abuse provided by volunteer court appointed advocates.    
Dallas Children's Advocacy Center $8,400.00 5/9/2003
Dallas, Texas    
Support for Crimes Against Children Conference. Board member's discretionary grant for programs serving child victims of abuse.    
Dallas Children's Advocacy Center $35,000.00 10/7/2003
Dallas, TX    
Adjunct Board grant to support Child Advocate Program that helps child victims of abuse heal and brings their offenders to justice.    
Girl Scouts-Lone Star Council $150,000.00 3/5/2003
Austin, Texas    
Support to construct new Program Service Center to enhance technology center programming and multipurpose training activities.    
Girls Incorporated of Alameda County $5,000.00 11/13/2003
San Leandro, CA    
Support for Eureka Teen Achievement Program multi-year math, science and technology program for underserved low-income, junior high and high school girls.    
Grantmakers for Children Youth and Families $1,500.00 3/19/2003
Washington, DC    
Support for general programs.    
Greenlights for Nonprofit Success $75,000.00 3/1/2003
Austin, Texas    
Support for programs and consulting to build capacity for non-profits.    
Greenlights for Nonprofit Success $6,700.00 5/16/2003
Austin, Texas    
Discretionary grant for programs and services to provide customized training, consultation and resources to nonprofit organizations.    
Helping Hand Home for Children $15,000.00 4/3/2003
Austin, Texas    
Support to provide summer educational enrichment services to at-risk students.    
Homeward Bound $10,000.00 12/4/2003
Phoenix, AZ    
Support for Children's Services programming benefiting children victimized by homelessness and domestic violence.    
James Dick Foundation $25,000.00 1/23/2003
Round Top, Texas    
Support for The International Festival-Institute's 2003 Young Persons' Concert.    
LifeWorks $10,000.00 4/28/2003
Austin, Texas    
Support to develop and implement an agency-wide client database to improve social services.    
Mainspring Schools $3,350.00 11/11/2003
Austin, TX    
Board member's discretionary grant to provide child care tuition subsidies to low-income working families.    
New Mexico State University Foundation $10,000.00 1/24/2003
Las Cruces, New Mexico    
Support for Southern New Mexico Science, Engineering, Mathematics and Aerospace Academy providing academic enrichment and career awareness to historically underrepresented K-12 youth.    
Peaceable Kingdom Retreat for Children, Inc. $25,000.00 10/1/2003
Temple, TX    
Support for school program coordinator for outdoor education program for children with special needs.    
Prevent Child Abuse Texas $2,500.00 6/18/2003
Austin, Texas    
Support for the 18th Annual Conference on the Prevention of Child Abuse.    
Schreiner University $9,800.00 5/23/2003
Kerrville, Texas    
Support for Expanding Your Horizons program and Science Camps for middle school children.    
Surfrider Foundation $6,700.00 11/5/2003
San Clemente, CA    
Board member's discretionary grant for programs that protect and preserve the world's oceans and beaches.    
Technology For All $7,500.00 9/16/2003
Houston, Texas    
Support for Mission Milby Community Technology Center.    
The Gail Dorin Music Foundation $6,700.00 8/14/2003
San Monica, California    
Board member's discretionary grant to support Dream Strings Program providing music lessons to disadvantaged youth.    
Women Together Foundation, Inc. $5,000.00 4/3/2003
McAllen, Texas    
To support transitional housing program and support services for battered women and their children.    
Women's Advocacy Project $15,000.00 3/26/2003
Austin, Texas    
Support the staff attorney for the Battered Women's Defendants Program.    
Youth and Family Counseling Services $3,000.00 10/14/2003
Angleton, TX    
Support for home visitation program providing educational and support services to young mothers with children ages 0-5.    
Total $605,855.00  

Connections Resource Center $15,000.00 4/3/2003
Austin, Texas    
Support for the Family Place Early Literacy Project.    
Friends of Reading is Fundamental of Austin $7,500.00 11/20/2003
Austin, TX    
Support to purchase books for the Infant and Preschool Program.    
Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center at The University of Texas at Austin $250,000.00 1/24/2003
Austin, Texas    
Support the acquisition of the Watergate archive and exhibition of collateral property.    
Highland Park Elementary School $10,000.00 5/27/2003
Austin, Texas    
Support for technology specialist to help integrate technology into the curriculum.    
Literacy Instruction for Texas $3,000.00 9/7/2003
Dallas, Texas    
Support for the Family Literacy program.    
Mercy High School $3,700.00 10/23/2003
Baltimore, MD    
Board member's discretionary grant for capital campaign at Catholic secondary school for young women.    
Page Ahead Children's Literacy Program $2,500.00 6/21/2003
Seattle, Washington    
Support to strengthen reading and language skills of at-risk children throughout Washington state.    
Rawson-Saunders School (The) $50,000.00 4/2/2003
Austin, Texas    
Support for a hands-on, multisensory library, media and reading center for dyslexic students.    
Search Institute $10,000.00 11/12/2003
Minneapolis, MN    
Support to develop and disseminate scientifically based tools to measure thriving indicators for youth.    
St. Andrew's Episcopal School $17,500.00 5/27/2003
Austin, Texas    
Support for an academic specialist to implement new program to assist students with learning differences.    
St. Edward's University $6,000.00 8/14/2003
Austin, Texas    
Board members' discretionary grants to support student scholarship, tuition and fees for 2003 Presidential winner.    
The University of Texas at Austin, Red McCombs School of Business $16,500.00 12/16/2003
Austin, TX    
Support for research project "Planning, Evaluation, and Control of Complex Economic and Social Processes."    
University of Texas at Austin - IC2 Institute $47,000.00 1/24/2003
Austin, Texas    
Support for technology upgrades for Global Classroom for distance education.    
University of Texas at Austin- Institute of Gerontology $10,000.00 1/24/2003
Austin, Texas    
Support for Advanced Research Workshop and book volume on Aging, Exercise, and Cognition.    
Total $448,700.00  

Ambulatory Surgery Access Coalition $3,000.00 4/3/2003
San Francisco, California    
Support to provide essential outpatient surgical services for the uninsured.    
Baylor College of Medicine $6,700.00 11/5/2003
Houston, TX    
Board member's discretionary grant to support Clinical Scientist Training Program.    
Children's Medical Center of Dallas $10,000.00 9/26/2003
Dallas, Texas    
Board members' discretionary grant to support capital campaign.    
Children's Medical Center of Dallas $35,000.00 10/7/2003
Dallas, TX    
Adjunct Board grant to support retina camera system to diagnose retinal diseases and disorders in children.    
Mother's Milk Bank at Austin, Inc. $5,000.00 9/4/2003
Austin, Texas    
Support for program that provides human donor milk to premature and sick infants of low and moderate income outpatients.    
National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Lone Star Chapter $5,000.00 11/7/2003
Houston, TX    
Board member's discretionary grant to support programs and services for people affected by Multiple Sclerosis.    
Travis County Medical Society Foundation $75,000.00 3/1/2003
Austin, Texas    
Support for Project Access,a community partnership to improve access to health care for low income uninsured residents of Travis County.    
Yale University $5,000.00 9/26/2003
New Haven, Connecticut    
Support for Women's Health Research Awareness program that communicates the lastest research of benefit to women with peopole in the region and across the country.    
Total $144,700.00  
Grand Total $1,199,255.00  


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