AS OF 12-07-2007


Project Description
American YouthWorks $50,000.00 3/8/2007
Austin, TX    
Support to establish child care center at the south campus for at-risk youth participating in education on job skills training programs.    
Andre Sobel River of Life Foundation $13,600.00 10/15/2007
Los Angeles, CA    
Board member's discretionary grant for Direct Family Assistance Program for single caregivers of children with catastrophic and life-threatening illnesses.    
Any Baby Can Child & Family Resource Center $100,000.00 10/5/2007
Austin, TX    
Support for Home Base Parent Educators for the Healthy and Fair Start Program for families at high risk of abuse, neglect, or developmental delays.    
Ark House Foundation $18,600.00 10/4/2007
Richardson, TX    
Board member's discretionary grant to provide low cost, temporary housing for patients and their families while undergoing long-term medical treatment in the Dallas area.    
Arthouse at the Jones Center $10,000.00 7/23/2007
Austin, TX    
Support of the Young Artists art enrichment program for high school students from underserved neighborhoods of Central Texas.    
Austin Children's Museum $50,000.00 10/25/2007
Austin, TX    
Support for Early Childhood Education Outreach Programs for low-income families.    
Austin Children's Shelter $23,600.00 10/11/2007
Austin, TX    
Board member's discretionary grant to support the S.A.F.E. program providing basic needs for abused and neglected children.    
Austin Children's Shelter $50,000.00 10/4/2007
Austin, TX    
Adjunct Board grant to support Capital Campaign.    
Austin Film Society $3,600.00 10/11/2007
Austin, TX    
Board member's discretionary grant to support Internship and Arts Apprentice Program providing education and opportunity for up-and-coming film professionals.    
Austin Travis County MHMR $10,000.00 6/26/2007
Austin, TX    
Support for Community Voice Mail Program that connects vulnerable populations without phones to social services.    
Austin YMBL Sunshine Camps $10,000.00 10/29/2007
Austin, TX    
Support for the Sunrise Challenge and Leadership Programs serving the needs of at-risk and economically disadvantages youth in central Texas.    
Bastrop County Womens Shelter, Inc. $15,000.00 3/9/2007
Bastrop, TX    
Support for Safe Communities for Our Youth violence education and prevention program.    
Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Mississippi $10,000.00 6/5/2007
Jackson, MS    
Support for Challenging YOUth: Education & Career Preparation program.    
Break the Cycle $10,000.00 1/12/2007
Los Angeles, CA    
Support for law-based teen dating violence prevention education program.    
Building Futures with Women and Children $15,000.00 4/18/2007
San Leandro, CA    
Support for Self Sufficiency Program for homeless women and children and survivors of domestic violence.    
CADE-Helping Children Make Smart Decisions $7,500.00 12/6/2007
Philadelphia, PA    
Support to continue prevention and youth development program to Camden Public School System.    
California YMCA Youth and Government $23,600.00 10/4/2007
San Mateo, CA    
Board member's discretionary grant to support civic engagement and social responsibility in middle and high school students.    
Capital IDEA $25,000.00 6/8/2007
Austin, TX    
Support for Capacity Expansion Project providing job training and support services that move families from poverty into high-skilled, high demand jobs in healthcare industry.    
CASA for the Sixth Judicial District $20,000.00 10/4/2007
Gillette, WY    
Support for Targeted Parenting Program to improve parenting skills of court-referred clients.    
CASA of Travis County, Inc. $86,000.00 7/23/2007
Austin, TX    
Board member's discretionary grant to train volunteer advocates for abused and neglected children.    
Chicago Youth Programs $20,000.00 5/31/2007
Chicago, IL    
Support for Teen Career & Teen Mentoring Programs for at risk youth.    
Child Abuse Prevention Center $10,000.00 6/8/2007
Dallas, TX    
Support for Healthy Families program serving teenage mothers and their babies.    
Child Crisis Center - East Valley $15,000.00 4/13/2007
Mesa, AZ    
Support for Anger Management for the Family Program at the Family Resource Center.    
Child Crisis Center of El Paso $20,000.00 3/12/2007
El Paso, TX    
Support for the Children's Emergency Shelter and Circle of Love Crisis Nursery.    
ChildCareGroup $24,000.00 4/30/2007
Dallas, TX    
Support to develop web-based training resource services for Dallas area child care providers.    
Children's Advocacy Center of Hildago County $50,000.00 11/25/2007
Edinburg, TX    
Support to expand programs and services to child victims of abuse in Rio Grande Valley.    
Children's Hospital Corporation $20,000.00 4/13/2007
Boston, MA    
Support for Young Parent's Program, a multi-disciplinary intervention program for teen parents and their young children.    
Children's Museum of Science and Technology $20,000.00 5/4/2007
Troy, NY    
Support for Discover Science program that increases visitorship from at-risk and low-income school groups.    
Citizen Schools $25,000.00 10/19/2007
Austin, TX    
Support to expand Austin network to Bedichek & Kealing Middle Schools.    
Cleveland Scholarship Programs $17,000.00 11/9/2007
Cleveland, OH    
Support for Six to Success Program providing college access and retention services to middle and high school students.    
Columbus Children's Hospital Foundation $20,000.00 5/23/2007
Columbus, OH    
Support for Nurse-Family Partnership and Domestic Violence Study at the Center for Child and Family Advocacy.    
Communities in Schools Dallas Region $50,000.00 10/4/2007
Dallas, TX    
Adjunct Board grant to support Targeted Intervention Program at Sunset and W.W. Samuell high schools in the Dallas ISD.    
Communities In Schools, Central Texas, Inc. $25,000.00 11/9/2007
Austin, TX    
Support for XY-Zone: Male Involvement Project.    
Communities In Schools, Central Texas, Inc. $10,000.00 10/15/2007
Austin, TX    
Community member's discretionary grant to support XY-Zone: Male Involvement Project.    
Con Mi MADRE $200,000.00 10/5/2007
Austin, TX    
Support for organizational launch of Con Mi MADRE as an independent entity to conduct the Hispanic Mother-Daughter Program.    
Conference of Southwest Foundations $3,000.00 3/8/2007
Dallas, TX    
Support for programs and general operations.    
Council on Foundations $14,920.00 2/27/2007
Washington, DC    
Support for programs and general operations.    
Cuyahoga Community College Foundation $10,000.00 4/13/2007
Cleveland, OH    
Support for the Science, Engineering, Mathematics and Aerospace Academy.    
Dallas SCORES $10,000.00 4/30/2007
Dallas, TX    
Support for Literacy and Soccer in Action program.    
Dallas Women's Foundation $11,800.00 10/4/2007
Dallas, TX    
Board member's discretionary grant for general operating support of programs that promote the potential of women and girls.    
Denver Zoological Foundation $20,000.00 5/30/2007
Denver, CO    
Support for "Wonders In Nature-Wonders In Neighborhoods" education program for low-income elementary school students.    
EveryChild, Inc. $15,000.00 4/23/2007
Austin, TX    
Support for Family-Based Alternative Program that matches disabled children with support families to avoid institutionalization.    
Family Connections $50,000.00 12/6/2007
Austin, TX    
Support for Parents of Newborns Project.    
Family Service Agency of Waukesha County $15,000.00 1/12/2007
Waukesha, WI    
Support for The C.A.R.E. Center, a newly established multi-agency collaborative providing a coordinated system of care for child abuse victims.    
Federal Hill House Association $10,000.00 6/28/2007
Providence, RI    
Support for Bundles of Joy Family Resource Center serving low-income expectant women and families with young children at Hartford Park Public Housing site.    
First Texas Council of Camp Fire, Inc. $20,000.00 11/25/2007
Fort Worth, TX    
Support for program expenses for Kindergarten Readiness program.    
Foundation Communities $25,000.00 6/29/2007
Austin, TX    
Support for after school and summer academic enrichment programs for low-income families at four affordable housing sites.    
Friendship Circle $23,600.00 10/17/2007
Redondo Beach, CA    
Board member's discretionary grant to support the expansion of Friendship Circle clubs to 4 local schools.    
Frontiers of Flight Museum $44,770.00 8/2/2007
Dallas, TX    
Support for Wind Tunnel Lab as part of the Flight Dynamics Learning Center.    
Gads Hill Center $10,000.00 5/4/2007
Chicago, IL    
Support for Teen Connection college preparatory program for low to average achieving students.    
Genesis Women's Shelter $20,000.00 8/20/2007
Dallas, TX    
Support for Transitional Housing program to move victims of domestic violence from crisis intervention to independent living.    
Genesis Women's Shelter $20,000.00 10/12/2007
Dallas, TX    
Board member's discretionary grant to support the Hotline Program for women in immediate need of domestic violence prevention.    
Girl Scouts - Lone Star Council $25,000.00 3/22/2007
Austin, TX    
Support for the expansion of Enterprising Girl Scouts Beyond Bars for daughters of women incarcerated at the Lockhart prison.    
Girls Incorporated of Metro Denver $25,000.00 7/31/2007
Denver, CO    
Support Capacity Building Project in the Development Department.    
Girlstart $7,500.00 2/16/2007
Austin, TX    
Support for Expanding Your Horizons career awareness conference for middle school girls.    
Global Good Services $23,600.00 10/15/2007
San Diego, CA    
Board member's discretionary grant to support mentoring program for children who have lost a parent in the war.    
GrowingGreat $23,600.00 10/15/2007
Manhattan Beach, CA    
Board member's discretionary grant to support expansion to low-income communities in southern California.    
Heads Up - A University Neighborhood Initiative $15,000.00 3/8/2007
Washington, DC    
Support for After-School and Summer Academic Programs.    
Helping Hand Home for Children $50,000.00 2/20/2007
Austin, TX    
Support for expansion project to increase treatment and educational services for abused and neglected children.    
Homeward Bound $30,000.00 3/24/2007
Phoenix, AZ    
Support for Kids Corner Learning Center serving children of victims of domestic violence and homelessness.    
Hopelink $10,000.00 6/27/2007
Redmond, WA    
Support for Computer Labs for Kids Project at transitional housing sites.    
Innovation Center for Community and Youth Development $30,000.00 8/27/2007
Takoma Park, MD    
Support for the Volunteer for Change program to promote the engagement of youth from marginalized communities to lead, plan, and evaluate local voluntarism efforts.    
Junior Achievement of Southern California $50,000.00 10/4/2007
Los Angeles, CA    
Adjunct Board grant to support Financial Education Programs and Latino Initiative in the Lennox School District.    
KCRW Foundation, Inc. $5,000.00 10/15/2007
Santa Monica, CA    
Board member's discretionary grant to support the Music Modernization project to convert the music library to digital format.    
Kingsbridge Heights Community Center $25,000.00 5/24/2007
Bronx, NY    
Support to expand education and prevention activities for the Child Sexual Abuse Treatment and Prevention program.    
Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center at the University of Texas at Austin $150,000.00 3/2/2007
Austin, TX    
Support for design and engineering phase of a new Children's Garden that will be the focus of educational programming.    
LifeWorks $50,000.00 6/29/2007
Austin, TX    
Support for Youth Resource Center that links Foster Care and high-risk youth to a continuum of services for independent living.    
Los Angeles Conservation Corps $26,500.00 10/4/2007
Los Angeles, CA    
Adjunct Board grant to support education programs and case management support services for 14-24 year-old at-risk youth.    
Los Angeles Operation Hope $25,000.00 10/4/2007
Los Angeles, CA    
Adjunct Board grant to support Banking on Our Future program to provide free financial literacy education to youth in under-served communities.    
Lower East Side Tenement Museum $40,000.00 11/19/2007
New York, NY    
Support for educational programs that teach about American social, ethnic, urban, working class, and immigrant history.    
Madison Square Boys & Girls Club $20,000.00 7/26/2007
New York, NY    
Support for Explorers Academy to help keep children ages 6-9 on a positive academic path.    
MountainStar Family Relief Nursery $8,106.00 11/21/2007
Bend, OR    
Support for child abuse and neglect prevention services to high risk Latino families.    
Museum of Nature & Science $10,000.00 1/12/2007
Dallas, TX    
Support to expand after-school science programming for disadvantaged children in elementary schools in Dallas ISD.    
National Center for Family Philanthropy $550,000.00 3/3/2007
Washington, DC    
Support for Organizational Sustainability: Business Planning and Implementation initiatives to extend the center's reach as pre-eminent resource on effective family giving.    
National Council on Family Violence $50,000.00 12/4/2007
Austin, TX    
Support for capacity building project to improve infrastructure for development systems.    
National Dance Institute of New Mexico $10,000.00 7/9/2007
Santa Fe, NM    
Support for the Train the Trainer program to train teachers to incorporate physical activity into their classrooms while teaching core curriculum.    
National Sports Center for the Disabled $15,000.00 4/13/2007
Denver, CO    
Board member's discretionary grant to support winter recreation program for low income people with disabilities.    
Natural Resources Defense Council $18,600.00 10/24/2007
New York, NY    
Board member's discretionary grant to support the Environmental Health Project to fight toxic chemical pollution and promote environmental health.    
New Visions Foundation $25,000.00 11/25/2007
Santa Monica, CA    
Support for Center for Educational Opportunity to ensure teens who age out of foster care have the necessary tools for their future educational success.    
Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence $15,000.00 12/7/2007
San Jose, CA    
Support for the Language Bank program providing translational services to monolingual and immigrant victims of domestic violence.    
Nonprofit Enterprise Center $35,000.00 5/23/2007
El Paso, TX    
Support to expand educational programs and services to nonprofit community in El Paso region.    
Northeast Kingdom Learning Services $25,000.00 4/13/2007
Derby, VT    
Support for Distance Learning Pilot Project's Parent Education and Support Component.    
Nurses for Newborns Foundation $15,000.00 6/27/2007
St. Louis, MO    
Support for Teen Parent Program providing parent education and facilitating access to health services for high-risk expectant and new teen parents.    
ONEgeneration $10,000.00 10/19/2007
Van Nuys, CA    
Board member's discretionary grant to support the intergenerational arts and mentoring program for at-risk youth in foster care.    
ONEgeneration $50,000.00 10/19/2007
Van Nuys, CA    
Support for Intergenerational Day Care for the development of a best practices textbook and training curriculum.    
ONEgeneration $15,600.00 10/19/2007
Van Nuys, CA    
Board member's discretionary grant to support organizational capacity-building efforts with colleagues at California State University, Northridge.    
Para Los Ninos $23,600.00 10/10/2007
Los Angeles, CA    
Board member's discretionary grant to support educational enrichment programs for children and families.    
Partnership for After School Education $25,000.00 6/29/2007
New York, NY    
Support for the Summer Learning Initiative providing training and technical assistance to New York City's network of after-school programs.    
Partnership Scholars Program $50,000.00 10/4/2007
Little River, CA    
Support for capacity building to hire first Executive Director to oversee extracurricular volunteer mentoring and pre-college program for disadvantaged youth in grades 7-12.    
Pickaway County Community Action Organization $15,000.00 11/19/2007
Circleville, OH    
Support for Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program to support low-wage workers in claiming Earned Income Tax credits.    
Planned Parenthood of the Texas Capital Region $23,600.00 10/15/2007
Austin, TX    
Board member's discretionary grant to support the Choice Project Capital Campaign.    
Safe Horizon $25,000.00 5/14/2007
New York, NY    
Support for program salaries for Staten Island Child Advocacy Center.    
SafePlace $5,000.00 4/13/2007
Austin, TX    
Board member's discretionary grant to support general operating expenses.    
Schreiner University $10,000.00 8/30/2007
Kerrville, TX    
Support to expand the Community Volunteer Program to support activities at Schreiner University and in the surrounding community.    
Search Institute $50,000.00 7/25/2007
Minneapolis, MN    
Support for capacity building project to address sustainability and growth through business planning process.    
South Bay Community Services $20,000.00 5/23/2007
Chula Vista, CA    
Support for "Mi Escuelita" preschool program for children who have been exposed to domestic violence.    
Summit Education Initiative $50,000.00 6/18/2007
Akron, OH    
Support for Learning 24/7: Community as Classroom to produce activities to reinforce math standards at the middle school level.    
Synergy Services $12,500.00 6/8/2007
Parkville, MO    
Support for school-based Power Through Choices prevention education program.    
The Family Place $10,000.00 3/20/2007
Dallas, TX    
Support for Youth Education & Prevention Services to educate students about bullying, dating violence, and family violence prevention.    
The Foundation for Community Empowerment $11,800.00 10/16/2007
Dallas, TX    
Board member's discretionary grant to produce Parent & Child Activity Calendars with structured activities to help prepare children to enter school.    
The Jeffrey Foundation $8,000.00 10/11/2007
Los Angeles, CA    
Board member's discretionary grant to support the Parent Resource and Support Center designed to strengthen families with special needs children.    
The League $25,000.00 11/15/2007
Newark, NJ    
Support for Learning to Give financial literacy web activities for grades 2-5.    
The League $25,000.00 10/4/2007
Newark, NJ    
Adjunct Board grant to support Learning to Give financial literacy web activities for grades 2-5.    
The Queens Library Foundation $25,000.00 10/10/2007
Jamaica, NY    
Support for Best Out of School Time educational enrichment program offered at 63 branch libraries.    
The Rape Crisis Center for Children and Adults $25,000.00 12/7/2007
San Antonio, TX    
Support for sexual assault prevention education and online crisis intervention services.    
The Women's Museum: An Institute for the Future $1,500,000.00 3/3/2007
Dallas, TX    
Support for general operations and program initiatives.    
United Against Sexual Assault of Sonoma County $15,000.00 1/12/2007
Santa Rosa, CA    
Support for education for primary prevention program "Youth Empowerment Program".    
United School District $14,187.00 7/23/2007
Armagh, PA    
Support to implement centralized library management system.    
United Way of Southern Cameron County $10,000.00 6/8/2007
Brownsville, TX    
Support to expand "Success By 6 Initiative" to improve school readiness through early childhood education.    
Vaughn House $15,000.00 9/21/2007
Austin, TX    
Support for project to increase access to supported employment for deaf adults with mental disabilities.    
Westside Children's Center $10,000.00 3/23/2007
Culver City, CA    
Support for Family Support Services multidisciplinary program to strengthen at risk families with young children. $35,000.00 6/1/2007
Brooklyn, NY    
Support for expansion of National Email Legal Hotline providing state-specific easy-to-understand legal information and referral to victims of domestic violence.    
Youth Alternatives $8,500.00 1/12/2007
Portland, ME    
Support to implement Strengthening Families program that provides parent education, children's skills training, and family skills training.    
Total $4,931,283.00  

Bay Area Coalition for Equitable Schools $25,000.00 4/13/2007
Oakland, CA    
Support for Oakland K-8 Small Schools Initiative.    
Boys and Girls Clubs of Navarro County $7,500.00 3/12/2007
Corsicana, TX    
Support for the Reading Enhancement and Literacy Program.    
Capital Area Reach Out and Read $20,000.00 3/8/2007
Austin, TX    
Support for Volunteer Coordinator position.    
Capital of Texas Public Telecommunications Council/KLRU-TV $23,600.00 10/19/2007
Austin, TX    
Board member's discretionary grant to support the Ready To Learn family literacy initiative    
Children's Literacy Initiative $15,000.00 5/22/2007
Philadelphia, PA    
Support for Summer Literacy Institutes for "Teach for America" corp members.    
Discovery Science Center $25,000.00 11/16/2007
Santa Ana, CA    
Support for the Teacher Education for Advancement in Math and Science Program to empower elementary teachers to more effectively incorporate math and science into their classroom curriculum.    
Economics Pennsylvania $15,000.00 6/27/2007
Sellinsgrove, PA    
Support for professional development for K-12 teachers in math and economics.    
Educational Opportunities for Central Montana $50,000.00 5/30/2007
Lewistown, MT    
Support for nursing skills lab at the Central Montana Education Center.    
Family Enrichment $4,200.00 5/11/2007
Johnson City, NY    
Support for Summer Literacy Program.    
Forte' Foundation $2,500.00 10/31/2007
Austin, TX    
Support for Career Lab program to provide undergraduate female students information about business career and education options.    
Friends of the San Benito County Free Library $5,000.00 3/21/2007
Hollister, CA    
Support for Raising A Reader program.    
Laying the Foundation $50,000.00 10/4/2007
Dallas, TX    
Support for Pre-AP Training for teachers in Rio Grande Valley school districts.    
Library Foundation of Los Angeles $100,000.00 10/5/2007
Los Angeles, CA    
Support for "Read to Me L.A." early literacy initiative across all Los Angeles public library branches.    
Literacy Council of Tyler $20,000.00 5/3/2007
Tyler, TX    
Support for Family Learning Center of Tyler providing literacy services to low-income, low-English-proficient families.    
Los Angeles Leadership Academy $25,000.00 12/4/2007
Los Angeles, CA    
Support to hire new Literacy Coordinator at 6th-12th grade charter school.    
McCoy College of Business Administration Development Foundation $50,000.00 10/4/2007
San Marcos, TX    
Support to establish endowment for the Program Alliance for Communication and Entrepreneurship.    
New Leaders for New Schools $40,000.00 7/13/2007
New York, NY    
Support for School Leadership Initiative providing training and residency program for participants to become urban public school principals.    
New Village Charter School $25,000.00 10/4/2007
Los Angeles, CA    
Support for new charter high school for girls with at-risk backgrounds such as foster care, probation, and pregnant or parenting teens.    
Outreach Productions $5,000.00 3/23/2007
Pflugerville, TX    
Support for Creative Learning through Literature program that promotes literacy and library utilization.    
Partners in School Innovation $40,000.00 3/20/2007
San Francisco, CA    
Support for Continuous School Improvement System to improve quality of teaching and leadership in underserved public elementary schools.    
Puente Learning Center $25,000.00 3/23/2007
Los Angeles, CA    
Support for Early Literacy Program at East and South Los Angeles campuses.    
Reach Out and Read Rhode Island $10,000.00 8/23/2007
Support for books and training for Coalition serving 40 Reach Out and Read sites in Rhode Island.    
Reach the World $24,500.00 1/12/2007
New York, NY    
Support to replicate a literacy-oriented global studies curriculum in Odessa, Texas.    
Reading is Fundamental of Southern California $15,000.00 5/3/2007
Los Angeles, CA    
Support for WIC Family Literacy Program.    
Stuart Mesa Elementary School $15,000.00 4/17/2007
Oceanside, CA    
Support for SMART program providing early intervention for struggling readers.    
Texas State University $50,000.00 3/23/2007
San Marcos, TX    
Support for Mathworks curriculum development project that prepares young students for algebra and meets the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills.    
The Accelerated School $25,000.00 10/4/2007
Los Angeles, CA    
Support for educational technology program for K-12 charter school.    
The College of Saint Rose $20,550.00 10/4/2007
Albany, NY    
Support for Science Outreach and Urban Teacher Workshops for at risk elementary schools in Troy, New York.    
The Literacy Council of Southwest Louisiana $15,000.00 6/8/2007
Lake Charles, LA    
Support for Reach Out & Read program to promote early childhood literacy.    
The Museum Institute for Teaching Science $7,500.00 6/5/2007
Boston, MA    
Support for Professional Development Summer Institute for K-8 teachers to promote inquiry-based hands-on teaching of science.    
The Rawson-Saunders School $50,000.00 10/4/2007
Austin, TX    
Support for "The Ripple Effect" initiative to meet the needs of individuals with dyslexia in Central Texas.    
The Rise School of Austin $23,500.00 10/4/2007
Austin, TX    
Adjunct Board grant to support speech and language therapy services for early childhood education program serving both developmentally delayed and typically developing children    
The University of Texas at Austin $30,000.00 11/27/2007
Austin, TX    
Support for AmeriCorps for Community Engagement and Education program providing early literacy intervention to low-income elementary school students.    
The University of Texas at Austin - College of Natural Sciences $50,000.00 7/25/2007
Austin, TX    
Support for UTeach Program that prepares and supports secondary mathematics, science, and computer science teachers.    
University of Oklahoma Center for Effective Schools $20,000.00 6/29/2007
Norman, OK    
Support for professional development program for K-12 teachers through Regional Effective Schools Institutes.    
Words Alive $8,000.00 9/17/2007
San Diego, CA    
Support for expansion of the Adolescent Book Group program for at risk youth with who have faced overwhelming circumstances.    
Total $936,850.00  

Advocate Health Care $20,000.00 7/23/2007
Park Ridge, IL    
Support for the Healthy Steps Residency Training Program teaching medical residents to integrate best practices in developmentally oriented pediatric primary care.    
Ambulatory Surgery Access Coalition $15,000.00 3/23/2007
San Francisco, CA    
Support for Operation Access providing essential outpatient surgery to uninsured through a volunteer network.    
American Diabetes Association $12,600.00 10/11/2007
Dallas, TX    
Board member's discretionary grant to support Camp New Horizons for children with diabetes in North Texas    
AmeriCares Free Clinics $20,000.00 4/30/2007
Stamford, CT    
Support for expansion of healthcare services for low-income uninsured patients at three clinic sites.    
Arlington Free Clinic $20,000.00 7/13/2007
Arlington, VA    
Support for coordinated system of volunteer care focusing on specialty care for patients with complex medical conditions.    
Austin Recovery Center $50,000.00 11/20/2007
Austin, TX    
Support for program that serves families who are suffering from addiction in central Texas.    
Austin Recovery Center $23,600.00 10/16/2007
Austin, TX    
Board member's discretionary grant to support program that serves families who are suffering from addiction in central Texas.    
Benton Franklin Access to Care $25,000.00 4/30/2007
Kennewick, WA    
Support for program to improve access to and coordination of health care for uninsured.    
Carthage Area Hospital $23,500.00 4/13/2007
Carthage, NY    
Support to establish School Based Health Center at Beaver River Central School.    
Children's Hospital Los Angeles $10,000.00 4/13/2007
Los Angeles, CA    
Support to provide art therapy for patients in isolation recovering from bone marrow transplant procedures.    
Children's Hospital of New Orleans $50,000.00 8/3/2007
New Orleans, LA    
Support for patients displaced by Hurricane Katrina at outreach clinics in Baton Rouge and Lafayette, LA.    
Children's Medical Center Foundation of Central Texas $5,000.00 10/16/2007
Austin, TX    
Support for parking garage vouchers for low income families.    
Children's Medical Center Foundation of Central Texas $23,600.00 10/16/2007
Austin, TX    
Board member's discretionary grant to support the Low Income Family Emergency Fund.    
Childrens' Medical Center Foundation of Central Texas $250,000.00 10/5/2007
Austin, TX    
Support for the Cancer and Blood Disorders Program.    
Clinica Luz Del Mundo - Light of the World Clinic $25,000.00 8/13/2007
Oakland Park, FL    
Support for Indigent Health Education Community Outreach Program.    
Clinica Tepeyac $15,000.00 10/4/2007
Denver, CO    
Support to expand direct medical service and educational outreach for uninsured, low-income clients.    
Eastern Shore Rural Health System $30,000.00 7/3/2007
Nassawadox, VA    
Support to develop an E-Health System for Rural Health Systems with multiple practice sites.    
For the Love of Christi $15,000.00 5/22/2007
Austin, TX    
Support for Volunteer Coordinator position to expand grief support services.    
Indian Hills Community College Development Corporation $21,494.00 6/8/2007
Ottumwa, IA    
Support to expand the Health Occupations program at the Rural Health Education Partnership Center.    
Maricopa Health Foundation $20,000.00 8/7/2007
Phoenix, AZ    
Support of Family Learning Center to provide health education, community referrals and literacy services to medically underserved families.    
Mental Health Association of Colorado, Inc. $15,000.00 6/27/2007
Denver, CO    
Support for coordinated system of volunteer mental health care for low income, uninsured children and homeless population.    
National Center for Farmworker Health $10,000.00 3/8/2007
Buda, TX    
Support for Call for Health Program that connects farm workers and their families to affordable health care.    
National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Lone Star Chapter $5,000.00 10/15/2007
Houston, TX    
Board member's discretionary grant to support programs and services for people affected by Multiple Sclerosis.    
Northeast Valley Health Corporation $18,000.00 6/27/2007
San Fernando, CA    
Support for the Homeless Medical Mobile Clinic.    
People's Community Clinic $45,000.00 9/21/2007
Austin, TX    
Support to build capacity through the Revenue Cycle Re-Engineering Plan.    
Southwestern Diabetic Foundation $10,000.00 3/20/2007
Gainesville, TX    
Support for "Camp Sweeney" providing treatment, management, and education program for diabetic children.    
Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children $6,000.00 10/12/2007
Dallas, TX    
Board member's discretionary grant to support orthopedic braces for scoliosis    
The University of Texas at Austin - Dell Pediatric Research Institute $3,000,000.00 3/2/2007
Austin, TX    
Support for the Dell Pediatric Research Institute.    
The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center $23,600.00 10/10/2007
Houston, TX    
Board member's discretionary grant to support the Physician-Scientist Program endowment.    
Valley Community Clinic $20,000.00 3/20/2007
North Hollywood, CA    
Support to expand services at Pediatric Center serving low-income families.    
Venice Family Clinic $25,000.00 10/24/2007
Venice, CA    
Support for primary health care services for low-income, uninsured children.    
Volunteer Healthcare Clinic $40,000.00 8/31/2007
Austin, TX    
Support to expand the clinic pharmacy, add an additional examination room, and expand patient in-take area.    
Total $3,892,394.00  
Grand Total $9,760,527.00  


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